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World's First Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Rapid Predictive SiteSelect™ Panel Launched

BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A Rapid Predictive Site-Selection Panel for ADC-Linker-Payload Optimization

BrickBio, the leader in site specific bioconjugation has launched a collaboration SiteSelect™ Panel for pharmaceutical and drug development partners to streamline ADC site optimization for all linker and payload combinations, delivering another platform to identify higher performing biologics. While validating its chemistries and pipeline, BrickBio has accumulated a diverse data set of proprietary conjugation sites on a reference template used to rapidly screen linker-payloads with varying characteristics such as length, chemistry, and hydrophobicity to identify optimal candidates which have high transferability to partner scaffolds of interest. The ability to rapidly screen linker-payloads with the most versatile conjugation technology will help deliver on the uptick of market demand for the generation of novel conjugates with enhanced therapeutic windows. The SiteSelect Panel includes the following characteristics:

  • Broad Predictive Site Design: Generation of ADCs with 50+ predictive sites across the entire ADC backbone for conjugation with various linker/payload combinations of its partner's choice

  • Rapid Assessment: Thorough ADC generation and assay-based assessment within two weeks to cut down on lead candidate identification

  • Transferability to all Scaffolds and Payloads: Site combinations can be used to predict characteristics across complex scaffolds, such as bi-specific multi-drug ADCs, or with custom linker/payload combinations

"BrickBio's robust and high-throughput pipeline has allowed us to quantify the impact that the site of conjugation has on the quality of ADC candidates," said James Italia, VP of Commercial Development at BrickBio. "We have worked with a multitude of complex proteins, such as bi-specific multi-drug or nucleic acid containing antibodies, and our findings have allowed BrickBio to develop a rapid proprietary panel which samples predictive sites in optimal regions that can be transferred between complex scaffolds based on the desired payload, further enabling our platform to streamline ADC optimization."

"BrickBio has developed the most diverse set of chemistries that allow the company to interrogate the largest amount of sites within the backbone of an antibody," stated John Boyce, President and CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of BrickBio. "The scientific literature has clearly established the link between conjugation site and ADC performance – it's time to make it easier for pharma partners to rapidly identify the sites that will increase the therapeutic potential rather than letting the site dictate their ceiling," Boyce continued. "We believe the science should dictate the site, rather than fitting the therapeutic to the site. The panel that the company has created will eliminate much of the guesswork and allow our partners to develop the safest, most efficacious therapies for patients."

Click here for more information on BrickBio's SiteSelect™ Panel.

About BrickBio Inc. BrickBio Inc., a Boston-based biotechnology company, empowers next-generation unnatural amino acid coupled protein conjugation with its site-specific and site-selective platform. The platform technology spans prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, enabling the development of unique biologics and protein therapeutics with enhanced characteristics, including improvements to half-life, dosage and efficacy. With the broadest toolkit of bioconjugation handles, BrickBio can optimize any conjugate and is uniquely situated to push the frontier of biologics with the selective modification of multiple distinct sites on a single protein. BrickBio is working with partners to develop best-in-class therapeutics and RUO kits with its proprietary bioconjugation strategies. BrickBio is expanding its therapeutic programs, including ADCs, bispecific conjugates and novel scaffolds.

About Tiger Gene Tiger Gene L.L.C., a Boston-based venture capital firm, co-founded with and funded by Tiger Management L.L.C., invests in early-stage technologies with high-growth trajectories across the life sciences sector. The fund's current portfolio focuses on technology platforms as well as technology derived products and assets across the genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapeutics spaces.

Contact: Audrey Warner


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