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Dr. James Italia Joins BrickBio as Vice President of Commercial Development

Boston, Massachusetts – BrickBio, the Tiger Gene backed protein and antibody modification company, announced today that Dr. James Italia, co-founder BrickBio’s proprietary chemistry, has joined the company as Vice President of Commercial Development. The company is building itself with both the key people in the industry, as well as around the technology itself. Dr. Italia and Professor Abhishek Chatterjee of Boston College have worked to pioneer the technology and optimize it to be scaled to commercial levels.

“Since conceiving the BrickBio technology with Dr. Chatterjee, we’ve further refined it to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical market for ADC development and manufacturing at scale. I am thrilled to see it emerge as the most versatile technology in the bioconjugation space,” Dr. James Italia, Vice President of Commercial Development for BrickBio stated. “Our technology enables site-specific incorporation of one or more non-canonical amino acids into any protein, including antibodies, thereby significantly expanding its impact on the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics, as well as novel reagents for assays,” Italia continued.

“We are honored to have James join the company and spearhead the product development efforts. His diligence and vision will allow the company to build a product repertoire that will have a significant impact on both the pharmaceutical and biological assays market,” stated John Boyce, Managing Director and Venture Partner at Tiger Gene. “There are multiple enhancements that BrickBio will be announcing in the coming months, that will significantly expand the capabilities of the conjugation field,” Boyce continued.

About BrickBio

BrickBio is Boston-based biotechnology company that enables highly flexible site-specific protein modification at one or more sites. BrickBio’s proprietary platform enables a large assortment of diverse unnatural amino acids (attachment bricks) to be incorporated into virtually any site of any protein, including antibodies. The resulting proteins can then be readily conjugated to any molecule with the corresponding mate pair for the “attachment brick”.

BrickBio is backed by Tiger Gene, a top tier life-science investor focused on formation-stage investments into transformational platform technologies. Tiger Gene has offices in Boston and New York.

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