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BrickBio Obtains Exclusive License to “Pan Epitope” Site-Specific Antibody and Protein Modification

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Boston, Massachusetts - BrickBio, a company formed out of Tiger Gene has obtained a worldwide exclusive license, from Boston College, to Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee’s technology for the site-specific modification of antibodies and proteins.

The technology offers a large assortment of diverse unnatural amino acids (attachment bricks) that can be used for making proteins in living cells. The exceptional flexibility and efficiency of the proprietary system allow these “attachment bricks” to be incorporated into virtually any site of any protein, including antibodies. The resulting proteins can then be readily conjugated to any molecule with the corresponding mate pair for the “attachment brick”, ranging from, for example, a polyethylene glycol (to extend the half-life of the drug) to a cytotoxic payload (allowing the antibody to specifically deliver a cytotoxic drug to a specific target, i.e. a tumor).

“The field of biological drug development and protein therapeutics have long been in search of a technology that enables precise modification of proteins at one or more chosen sites,” stated Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee, Professor of Chemistry at Boston College. “The efficient and versatile BrickBio technology provides a high-yield solution, which will catalyze the development of sophisticated next-generation biotherapeutics that are inaccessible using traditional approaches,” Dr. Chatterjee concluded.

“A number of promising therapeutics have been abandoned due to bioconjugation issues such as the incompatibility of a limited number of attachment sites with the desired attachment group,” stated John Boyce, Managing Director of Tiger Gene. BrickBio’s capability to insert attachment sites anywhere within an antibody or any protein, will significantly increase the rate of efficacious therapeutics to reach the market,” Boyce concluded.

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