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BrickBio Validates Its Novel Therapeutic Conjugation Platform at Commercial Scale

BrickBio has made robust its novel site-specific conjugation process of inserting unnatural amino acids at any site within a protein or antibody

BOSTON, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BrickBio has demonstrated its ability to insert unnatural amino acids (UAAs), at any site, specifically, within a protein or antibody at commercial scale.  These UAAs are used to attach any molecule that may enhance the performance (such as half-life, efficacy, or improved safety) of an antibody or protein therapeutic.

BrickBio retains the exclusive rights to use its technology platform for therapeutic development and production, therefore being the sole channel for pharmaceutical partnership and therapeutic development.

BrickBio has put in place, and demonstrated, a well-defined conjugation platform process for the development of its lead biologic and for facilitating the work with pharmaceutical partners across partnerships deals. The platform has been validated with extensive data and has been optimized to allow ample throughput for the company's internal efforts, as well as additional capacity to undertake pharmaceutical partnerships and co-development deals.

"The BrickBio technology has rapidly evolved and grown over the last year," said James Italia, Vice President of Commercial Development. "The robustness of the platform, speed of innovation, and adaptability of the technology at BrickBio has allowed the company to easily transfer the technology between multiple candidate molecules, including complex antibody scaffolds. The efficiency of the technology enables a homogenous product, thereby allowing increased effectivity of each molecule," Italia concluded.

"With the ability to site specifically attach molecules at any site, BrickBio's platform has the potential to revolutionize the field of protein therapeutics and antibody drug conjugates," stated John Boyce, President and CEO of BrickBio as well as Co-Founder of Tiger Gene. "Both the scientific literature and the company have shown that the attachment site matters and can significantly impact the performance of a protein therapeutic," Boyce continued. "The BrickBio platform has the most commercially diverse toolbox of attachment handles (UAAs), taking advantage of the largest number of sites, and as such enabling the greatest flexibility to expedite new therapeutics to patients, repurpose existing therapeutics, and rescue failed biologics," Boyce concluded.

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