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BrickBio Presents Novel Conjugation Chemistry & Unveiled Protein Therapeutic Program at World ADC

Boston, Massachusetts – BrickBio, a protein engineering company formed out of the Chatterjee Lab at Boston College and backed by Tiger Gene LLC, was at World ADC in San Diego. James Italia, PhD, co-Founder of the technology and VP of Commercial Development, presented at the conference on October 10th, 2019. The talk, “Novel Multi-Site Protein Bioconjugation Tools for Next Generation Therapeutics” discussed the advantages of BrickBio’s platform technology for the development of novel therapeutics with enhanced characteristics.

BrickBio announced its protein therapeutic program at the conference, giving partners early access to one of the technology’s core features: attaching multiple distinct bioconjugation handles to a single protein of interest to enable the best in class biologics of the future.

“The BrickBio technology represents a paradigm shift in protein therapeutics. Drug developers will now be able to site selectively attach a group (i.e. cytotoxic payloads), almost anywhere on the molecule,” said Italia. “Building on the principles of the BrickBio technology and enhancing its capabilities, it will allow developers to attach multiple groups with various functions on the same molecule.”

“The BrickBio broad unnatural amino acid toolkit and genetic code expansion capabilities will open the field to novel therapeutics with enhanced capabilities. BrickBio derived biologics will have an impact across all disease states and will usher in a new era of advanced medicine,” stated John Boyce, Managing Director at Tiger Gene, LLC. “The flexibility of the BrickBio platform enables pharma partners to experiment with a variety of combinations of linker, payload, and conjugation sites/chemistries in order to optimize their therapeutic in a way previously inaccessible using standard techniques.”

BrickBio is working with partners to bring biologics to market that previously have not existed. The platform can be leveraged to improve characteristics such as longer half-life, efficacy (lower dosage requirement), toxicity, and homogenous DARs.

BrickBio delegates are in San Diego and the company’s booth is 31.

About BrickBio

BrickBio's platform enables custom tailoring of any protein with homogenous site-specific and site-selective modifications for both therapeutic and research applications. This technology further expands the protein engineering life cycle by developing unique biologics with enhanced characteristics such as half-life, dosage, and specificity. BrickBio is uniquely situated to enhance technologies with new enabling functionalities for the selective modification of multiple distinct sites on a protein and is developing the next generation of biologic therapeutics.

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