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BrickBio Expands Space to Accommodate Pharma Partnerships and Pipeline Development

BOSTON, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BrickBio Inc., the leading company in site specific, single and multi-site bioconjugation of proteins, has announced that it has moved to 6,500 square feet of laboratory and office space in Woburn, MA, close to the Cambridge pharmaceutical hub. The company will utilize the additional space to expand its research and development group, as well as continue to grow its manufacturing and process development teams.

BrickBio's expansion to new lab space will enable the continued improvement of the platform technology to push the frontier of protein engineering as well as capsid engineering. In addition to supporting the development of BrickBio's internal pipeline of molecules, the expansion will accommodate the execution of partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop novel therapeutics and improve key therapeutic characteristics on existing therapeutics.

"BrickBio continues to enhance its conjugation capabilities with the broadest molecular toolbox, enabling conjugation at any site within a protein or antibody," stated James Italia, Vice President of Commercial Development.  "The work that the team has done to ensure yields, at production level scale, merit the hiring of additional scientists at both the research and production levels."

"BrickBio's conjugation capabilities will lead to more efficacious therapeutics with less toxicity, delivering safer, more effective treatments to patients," stated John Boyce, President and CEO of BrickBio. "The biological therapeutics field is at the beginning of an exciting new era as we usher in technologies to improve current therapeutic treatments as well as create new biologics with enhanced capabilities, through multi-site attachment," Boyce continued.

About BrickBio Inc. BrickBio Inc., a Boston-based biotechnology company, empowers next-generation unnatural amino acid coupled protein conjugation with its site-specific and site-selective platform. The platform technology spans prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, enabling the development of unique biologics and protein therapeutics with enhanced characteristics, including improvements to half-life, dosage and efficacy. With the broadest toolkit of bioconjugation handles, BrickBio can optimize any conjugate and is uniquely situated to push the frontier of biologics with the selective modification of multiple distinct sites on a single protein. BrickBio is working with partners to develop best-in-class therapeutics and RUO kits with its proprietary bioconjugation strategies.

At BrickBio: Audrey Warner Business Development Manager T: +1 (646) 951-4797 E:


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