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BrickBio Announces Data on First Preclinical Antibody for Breast and Gastric Cancer

The company is developing biologics across three internal programs

BOSTON, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The leading company in site-specific bioconjugation for improved therapeutics via its unnatural amino acid incorporation technology platform, has expanded on three therapeutic programs and received positive data on its first preclinical novel antibody-drug conjugate, BRKB-28, for breast cancer and gastric cancer. The data from a leading CRO that conducted the in vitro testing reported that BRKB-28 did not target nor adversely affect healthy cells, and at the same time eradicated the cancerous targets. 

BrickBio's platform has the ability to precisely control the DAR (drug to antibody ratio) while producing a homogenous product. The tight control of the DAR contributed to a significantly improved performance profile of BRKB-28 over the leading breast and gastric cancer biologic, which resulted in significant death of healthy cells. Having the broadest and most diverse toolkit of bioconjugation handles, BrickBio is able to site-specifically modify any protein at any site, improving key therapeutic characteristics, such as increased half-life, increased efficacy, decreased dosage and decreased toxicity. Furthermore, the flexible BrickBio platform is payload and linker agnostic, expression host agnostic and produces an entirely homogenous product in every conjugation.

The flexibility of the BrickBio platform has enabled the expansion of the company's therapeutic programs, including "Antibody Drug Conjugates", "Novel Bispecific Antibody Conjugates", and "Novel Scaffolds".

"In addition to ongoing partnerships for technology licensing and co-development of partners' preferred molecules, we are rapidly building on the breadth of capabilities of the BrickBio platform and expanding our internal pipeline for novel biologics," said Audrey Warner, Head of Business Development at BrickBio and Vice President of Investments at Tiger Gene. "BrickBio will partner on its novel-specific pipeline assets as it continues to expand its therapeutic programs," Warner concluded.

"It is very promising to see the facile integration of our unique bioconjugation platform into any protein scaffold, as validated with our BRKB-28 candidate," said James Italia, VP of Commercial Development at BrickBio. "Our team is able to quickly generate and screen candidates with a variety of scaffolds, linkers, and payloads with exquisite control over their biophysical characteristics. We are already witnessing the benefit of the BrickBio advantage and look forward to future candidates in our other internal programs."

"The robustness and flexibility of the BrickBio platform has enabled the company to progress at a much faster rate than initially forecasted, in terms of developing novel antibody drug conjugates, protein therapeutics, and novel bispecific antibody conjugates," said John Boyce, Co-Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of BrickBio, and Co-Founder of Tiger Gene. "We are not only excited about our first pre-clinical candidate for breast and gastric cancer, but also about the continued work with our pharmaceutical partners to rapidly expand the pipeline across a number of indications," Boyce concluded.

About BrickBio Inc.

BrickBio Inc., a Boston-based biotechnology company, empowers next-generation unnatural amino acid coupled protein conjugation with its site-specific and site-selective platform. The platform technology spans prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, enabling the development of unique biologics and protein therapeutics with enhanced characteristics, including improvements to half-life, dosage and efficacy. With the broadest toolkit of bioconjugation handles, BrickBio can optimize any conjugate and is uniquely situated to push the frontier of biologics with the selective modification of multiple distinct sites on a single protein. BrickBio is working with partners to develop best-in-class therapeutics and RUO kits with its proprietary bioconjugation strategies. BrickBio is expanding its therapeutic programs, including ADCs, bispecific conjugates and novel scaffolds.

About Tiger Gene

Tiger Gene L.L.C., a Boston-based venture capital firm, co-founded with and funded by Tiger Management L.L.C., invests in early-stage technologies with high-growth trajectories across the life sciences sector. The fund's current portfolio focuses on technology platforms as well as technology derived products and assets across the genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapeutics spaces.

Media Contact: Audrey Warner,


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