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The World's First
Rapid Predictive Site-Selection Panel

Powered by BrickBio's proprietary screening algorithm for all payloads and linkers

SiteSelect™ Panel


Raise the Therapeutic Ceiling and Eliminate Conjugation Site Limitations

BrickBio has accumulated a diverse data set of proprietary conjugation sites on a reference template used to rapidly screen linker-payloads with varying characteristics such as length, chemistry, and hydrophobicity to identify optimal candidates which have high transferability to partner scaffolds of interest. This panel eliminates much of the guesswork inherent to protein chemistry and optimization for each antibody-linker-payload combination so that partners can focus on the biology for best-in-class therapeutic development with improved success rates.


•Broad site-specific design spanning the entire antibody with >50 algorithm derived predictive sites


•Rapid turnaround within 1 month

*see partnership overview below*


•Transferability to complex scaffolds, such as bi-specifics and multi-drug containing antibodies​


•Facile homogenous product generation

Representative Homogenous Panel Inputs


Sample Panel Output


•Lead candidate selection criteria can significantly influence downstream success rates

•Best site combination can be quickly identified for any linker-payload of interest

•Left: Blinded data set of BrickBio data depicts distribution of sites with the same payload based on two selection criteria

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